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ASK Industries assures its customers of the best solution in chemical quality, performance, service, and timely delivery to maximize the customer’s operational effectiveness.  The appropriate chemical, for the appropriate application, offering the best overall solution.

Green Innovation

ASK Industries is at the forefront of the industry seeking to bring quality, green chemicals to the market place helping address both concerns of health and the environment. We provide  cost effective solutions and add value by using sustainable, organic raw materials.


We plan, design, build and provide equipment solutions and service for the water and wastewater industries around the world. ASK is committed to delivering proven, innovative equipment design strategies, system recommendations and superior chemical applications.


The future of our world depends on all of us and we can help by reaching out to those in need. ASK is dedicated to assisting children, families and communities reach their full potential by providing food, clothing and work-related training.

"To the World you may be one person but to one person you may be the World”. – Bill Wilson

Quality & Service

Quality and service are more than just words at ASK Industries.  They are foundational to our mission.  We demand of ourselves high standards of professional excellence, honesty, and accountability to offer service with the highest integrity and quality attainable.

Safety & Environmental Compliance

ASK Industries considers it of paramount importance to protect the health and safety of our employees and contractors in the workplace. We strive to minimize any potential impacts to the people and communities in which we work by providing reliable and safe workplace practices in all of our company endeavors and by regularly implementing processing that prevents incidents and injuries at work. We continually seek to make improvements in the safety of our operations.

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ASK Industries is committed to building a better world by focusing on the needs of the industry, the community, and family.

Corporate stewardship is more than a talking point at ASK Industries. Its in our corporate gene structure. Giving back. It's standard practice at ASK Industries.


ASK Industries seeks to be on the cutting edge of field technology collaborating with other professionals; to be accurate and precise in all lab procedures and record keeping, reflecting high integrity in conduct and publications; and to be transparent in extending credit for work performed.  Reflecting the industry codes, we do not engage in fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism at any level. 


As ASK Industries advances the knowledge of science, we believe that we are responsible to serve the public interest and public safety by creating a company culture focused on the health and safety of co-workers, consumers, and members of our communities. We make a covenant to be accurate and forthright in all public comments on scientific matters without using unsubstantiated, exaggerated, or premature statements.  


A respect for integrity and truth lies at the core of our approach to conduct.  Therefore, ASK Industries endeavors to advance chemical science as it embraces an understanding of the limitations of the knowledge of its professionals.  Further, we intend that all contributions to science from our staff and colleagues are “thorough, accurate, and unbiased in design, implementation, and presentation.”*

(*From The American Chemist's Creed)


ASK Industries provides specialty chemical supply services to many different industries.  ASK is focused on providing client services that offer personalized chemical solutions to the challenges faced by its clients.  Our job is to partner with our clients in establishing strong relationships rooted in mutual trust that result in the optimization of their facilities and processes.  We are based in Fort Worth, Texas, offering a relational approach to client services that puts our clients and their needs first.  Honesty, integrity, efficiency, and strong results are the hallmark of ASK Industries.

ASK Industries: 301 Commerce Street, Suite 1810 | Fort Worth, Texas 76102-4140


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